Industrial and Special Power Supply

As an enterprise engaged in power electronic equipment R&D and manufacturing, CEI has been successfully operating in multiple fields of industrial and special power supply for many years. The scope and depth of our products lines rank among the best in China, forming a power supply industrial chain covering from several hundred amperes to several hundred thousand amperes. CEI’s products are widely used in electronics, chemicals, metallurgy, machinery, construction materials, home appliances, energy, transportation, water treatment, photovoltaic, crystal growth, semiconductors, new materials, scientific experiments and other industries and fields. Based on the proprietary core technologies of industrial and special power supply products, CEI keeps launching new products and new technologies to meet the market demands, through the unified application platform of digital control technology of power electronic.

Project References

The industrial and special power supply products are not only widely used in the traditional industries, but also in new energy, new materials, and energy conservation and environmental protection etc.

Related Products

IGBT Power Supply System

High efficiency, save amount of energy for users with IGBT synchronous technology.
High precision, equip with the all-digital intelligent control system
High reliability, multiple perfect protection function, modular “N+1” redundancy design

SCR Power Supply System

High precision, the control system applies ARM+FPGA as the core architecture
High reliability , the dual-channel equivalent redundancy hot standby technology
Debugging software, with fault recording and online maintenance function

Service Strength

Close to the market, close to customers, reduce the service radius, and improve customer satisfaction

In addition to sales personnel, R&D personnel are also deeply involved in market development to better understand customer needs

Hold regular training and exchange meetings for industry users to maximize the value of the product

Cloud technology and big data analysis technology to realize the remote commissioning, maintenance and data analysis of industrial power supplies