AS/RS and logistics

AS/RS is an important part of modern logistics system. CEI has been engaged in the logistics and warehousing industry for a long time. Being capable of R&D and manufacturing of the medium and high racks, laneway stacker crane, conveyor, AGV, WMS, and WCS, CEI enables collaborative operation of the internal logistics equipment with advanced control, bus communication and information technology. CEI’s products are widely used in home appliances, new energy, printing, furniture, power equipment and manufacturing industry.

Project cases

Related products

Light-duty stacker with single column

Load capacity (kg): 50~1,000; running (laser position); full-load speed: 5m-220m/Min, position accuracy: ≤±5㎜, position mode: horizontal laser , vertical barcode position, communication mode: infrared , German LEUZE.

Heavy-duty stacker with dual columns

Load capacity (kg): 500~8,000; running (laser position); full-load speed: 5m-180m/Min, position accuracy: ≤±5㎜, position mode: horizontal laser , vertical barcode position, communication mode: infrared , German LEUZE.

Shuttle vehicle

Load capacity (kg): 50~1,500kg; running (laser position); full-load speed: 5m-140m/Min, position accuracy: ≤±5㎜, SEW reducer motor + DEMAG traveling wheel, SEW inverter; position mode: horizontal barcode , German LEUZE.


WMS is a real-time computer software system for warehouse. it manages the information, resources, behaviors, inventory and distribution operations, and it is capable of cargo handling, shelf management, picking operation, etc.


WCS is a management system between WMS and PLC. It coordinates the stacker, shuttle vehicle, robot, hoister, unstacker and other on-site equipment, realizes the collaborative operation , and monitors the environment and operation in real time.

Logistics equipment

Provide the customized services according to customers’process : Roller conveyor, chain conveyor, belt conveyor, sorting line, lifting and translation machine, hoister, stacker, depalletizer, and other automatic logistics equipment.


complete core manufacturing system

Guangzhou Kinte Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
International Marketing Center
Home Appliance Design and Development Center
Painting Workshop R&D and Manufacturing Base
Home Appliance Domestic Sales Center
Performance Test Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Base for Home Appliance
Laboratory R&D and Manufacturing Base
Design and R&D Center for Whole-Home Appliance Factory Planning and Project EPC
Polyurethane Foaming Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Base
Robot and Intelligent Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Base
Anhui Kinte Weijia Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
R&D and manufacturing base of metal plate line, vacuum forming machine and foaming equipment
Guangzhou Kinte Desheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing base of production line, testing line and logistics equipment
Guangzhou Kinte Hengshen Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Welding equipment R&D and manufacturing base
Guangdong Kinte Yueding Mold Co., Ltd.
Mold design and manufacturing base

Rich engineering experience

Undertake the first intelligent home appliance factory project in India
Complete over 300 turnkey projects
Customers from over 30 countries and regions

Improved service system

In China: Headquartered in Guangzhou, CEI has set up offices in Wuhan, Chuzhou, Jiaxing, Lanzhou production bases and Beijing, capable of providing field services at any time.
Overseas: CEI has agents and after-sales service departments in India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Algeria and Pakistan.
Marketing Center: 24-hour telephone and email service.