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China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd.

China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CEI) is affiliated to SINOMACH which is a Fortune Global500 enterprise. It formerly known as Guangzhou Electric Apparatus of the First Ministry of Machine Industry of the PRC was established in 1958 and was listed on the A-share of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in China in 2019 (stock code :688128).

CEI has accumulated strength in scientific researches over the last 60 years in the fields of quality & technology services,intelligent equipment, environmental-friendly coatings and polyester resins through its R & D activities and innovations in technologies and standardization,supporting national strategies and providing integrated solutions to quality improvement of electrical products.

In the fields of electrical products and related applications, CEI is dedicated to supplying our clients with one-stop services in quality and technology such as testing,certifications, standardization, calibrations, inspections, proficiency testing, laboratory technical services and training.CEI has the leading market share in testing of electronic& electrical products and household electrical appliances.Operating China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Electrical Appliances and National Quality Supervision & Testing Center for Intelligent Vehicle Components, CEI is capable of issuing test reports recognized by over 100 authorized organizations in more than 70 countries and regions.

CEI is dedicating to application researches featuring combinations of R&D and industrialization,and provides our clients with solutions of smart factories for household electrical appliances,excitation equipment, automatic testing system for new energy batteries, intelligent production equipment for automobiles,etc.,with the lead technologies in relevant industries.

CEI’s environmental-friendly coatings and polyester resins provide excellent protection for electrical products. In particular, relying on the advanced climatic resistance technology, the output of CEI’s polyester resins ranks one of the top in China. CEI is recognized as the “Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises”in the powder coating industry.For each year, CEI provides more than 10,000 customers in more than 30 countries and regions with its professional technological services.

Upholding SINOMACH’s philosophy of “working together and pursuing win-win innovation”, CEI applies itself to scientific and technological innovations and provides our customers with professional technological services of high quality, focusing on smart home and intelligent vehicles. Listing on the A-share of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in China, CEI is continuously gathering various high-end talents to build CEI into an irreplaceable institute engaged in application researches and into a technological innovation platform specialized in electrical industry.