Intelligent equipment for automobiles

Through M&A of automobile equipment manufacturers, CEI has entered the BIW industry and introduced top talents in the automobile field at home and abroad. As a subsidiary of Sinomach, CEI integrates the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and it can undertake turnkey projects of body planning, synchronous engineering and production line adjustment related to automobile welding, automobile coating, automobile final assembly and automobile test equipment.

Project cases

Related products

Planning for the automobile factory and EPC

CEI focuses on technical consultation, engineering design, equipment manufacturing and R&D related to automobile production,including automobile factory planning, technical transformation, capacity improvement and EPC .

BIW engineering

CEI is capable of designing and manufacturing the BIW welding line .and it also has capabilities related to robot vision, online detection, laser welding, new energy lightweight material connection and other core technologies.

Automobile coating engineering

CEI has independent innovation related to coating and surface treatment process design, R&D and manufacturing of coating equipment, and environmental adaptability test of coating products with several patents and proprietary technologies .

Automobile assembly engineering

CEI is capable of R&D and manufacturing of assembly line, logistics equipment, AGV, lifting tools and transit tools, assembly dimension accuracy check equipment, test equipment and other automatic equipment.

Automobile performance laboratory

CEI takes the leading position in China in the automobile weathering aging solutions, full-life-cycle quality control on electrical and electronic equipment and environmental failure solutions for wind power.

New energy battery packs

CEI is capable of PACK R&D and manufacturing, including the power transmission line, AGV, leak detection , module assembly , CAN test , EOL test , glue coating , DOD test and air tightness test .

New energy battery membrane packs

CEI is capable of the R&D and manufacturing of process-wide equipment for battery cell assembly, cleaning, glue coating, sheet mica pasting, stacking, side seam welding, standing, busbar welding, film pasting, test .


Strong foundation

Wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinomach (a central enterprise, ranking 250th among the world's top 500 enterprises)

Registered capital of CNY 210 million and industrial scale of CNY 3 billion

AAA credit enterprise

7 wholly-owned and holding industrial subsidiaries

High scientific research capability

Scientific research team:consisting of 1,600 engineers, 164 senior engineers, including 32 professor-level senior engineers.

Research fields: energy science, materials science, engineering science, intelligent science, evaluation science and environmental science, with over 30 majors, over 4,300 scientific and technological achievements and 263 authorized patents.

Strength fields: whole-factory design and planning, equipment design and manufacturing, performance testing and optimization, product design and development.

Rich engineering experience and team spirit

Qualification Certificate of the People's Republic of China for Contracting Overseas Projects

In 1989, CEI developed the first domestic powder spraying production line for home appliances for the factory under Guangzhou Military Area Command.

In 2000, CEI entered the automobile field and developed the automobile coating production line(painting line) for Zhejiang Xinchang Wanfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.

In 2011, CEI began to undertake the overseas automobile coating line projects, including the AVM sedan coating line project in Egypt and Isuzu truck electrophoresis line project in Vietnam. (CEI began to undertake automobile painting projects overseas, including AVM PC paint shop in Egypt, Isuzu truck paint shop in Vietnam, etc.)

Technical advantages

Provide the flexible production solutions for BIW welding

Provide the technical solutions for lightweight material connection, including laser welding, CMT cold connection, FDS hot melt self-tapping, aluminum spot welding, SPR riveting and FSW friction stir welding.

Member of automobile related associations: member of China Society of Automotive Engineers, member of China Auto Lightweight Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, member of China Automobile Dealers Association, member of Guangdong Alliance of Industrial Internet and vice chairman organization of Guangdong Robot Association.

Improved service system

Domestic: with Guangzhou Headquarters as the core, CEI has set up Wuhan, Chuzhou, Jiaxing, Lanzhou production bases and Beijing office, and it is capable of providing field services at any time.

International:CEI has agents and after-sales service departments in India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Algeria and Pakistan

Marketing Center: provide 24-hour telephone and email service.