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Solution to Green Coatings of Industrial Products

  • Solution to Green Coatings of Industrial Products

    As a subordinate of CEI, an applied engineering institute with 60 years of technological accumulation, Kinte Material has gained rich experience in green manufacturing and protection in many fields, including architectural profiles, automotive equipment, home appliances, 3C communications and general industries. Currently, Kinte Material is the only domestic provider of such integrated service as raw material production, product sales, process design and installation, and technical services.

  • Polyester resin

    Founded under the national "863" program, CEI is the leader and promoter of the technological development of polyester resin for powder coating in China. Over the years, CEI has been constantly carrying out product innovation and market development, and has been preferred in China's high-end powder coating market.

  • Powder coating

    CEI has set up production bases in Guangzhou and Wuhan, with design production capacity of 20,000t/year. CEI has a perfect quality management system and high-level testing laboratories, and has obtained ISO14000, ISO18000 and IATF16949 quality management system certifications. CEI’s products have been certified by Europe QUALICOAT, US UL and other authorities.

  • Liquid coating

    CEI began to carry out R&D of water-based industrial coatings in China in 1994 and realized the industrialization of water-based coatings for elevators in 2008. CEI has passed ISO14000, ISO18000 and IATF16949 quality management system certifications and is the organizer and supporter of Guangdong Metal Surface Treatment Engineering Technology R&D Center.


  • Polyester resin

    CEI’s polyester resin products are mainly sold at the transfer printing market of medium and high-end aluminum profiles. In response to the national policy of green manufacturing and low-carbon development in recent years, CEI has developed the several functional products including the tin-free, low-temperature setting, ultra-weather proof and high temperature resistant polyurethane. These products are gaining more market shares and have brought CEI remarkable reputation.

  • Powder coating

    CEI’s products are widely used in automobile wheel hub and accessories, home appliances, furniture, IT, agricultural/engineering machinery; CEI has become the industrial leader in high-speed coil steel, functional pipeline corrosion prevention, metal bonding, electrical insulation and other subdivided fields.

  • Liquid coating

    After years of technological development, the water-based coatings and other excellent products of CEI are widely used in automobile and parts, agricultural/engineering machinery, home appliances and digital electronics, electromechanical, steel structure, coiled material, rail transit and other fields.